When To Come

The locals like to quip that there are two seasons in Cayman: “tourist season and hurricane season”.  They’re not really wrong.  Hurricane season is officially June 1st to November 30th – although it is unusual to see hurricanes forming in the Western Caribbean outside of August, September and October.  There has not been a major hurricane to hit Grand Cayman since Ivan in September 2004 (there was a category 1 hurricane in August 2007); however, we are always prepared.  This also corresponds to our rainy season – the rainiest months being May and October. Usually the rain falls in the evenings or for an hour during the day – it’s not really a rainy season as is usual in the jungles (although it can be quite humid).  The weather is a balmy 80 to 90 degrees F in the summer and between 70 to 85 degrees F in the winter. Coral Loft is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the cooling sea breezes – particularly in the winter season. For more information on weather patterns, try www.weather.com.

The average water temperature ranges from 84 degrees F in August to 78 degrees F in January.  Any time is a good time at Coral Loft and we invite you to reserve your vacation time now!